Did you know that French parents rarely use baby wipes?

Propre, the French word for clean (pronounced ‘prop’), is bringing classic French babycare products to American babies.

Our signature French Diaper Care formula paired with our oversized European style Organic Cotton Pads is used as an alternative to baby wipes and diaper creams. French Diaper Care cleanses your baby’s bottom while creating a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent diaper irritation.

Use at every diaper change for the messy and not-so-messy diapers. 

Why French Diaper Care?

Many parents struggle with easing their baby’s diaper irritations, often caused by harsh chemicals and the drying effect of baby wipes. Even the gentlest of wipes can strip the skin of natural oils leaving your baby’s skin wet, fragile and susceptible to diaper rash, redness and irritations. 
A changing table essential, French Diaper Care pairs with oversized European style Organic Cotton Pads to safely and efficiently sweep away waste while protecting and moisturizing your baby’s sensitive skin, maintaining the skin’s natural pH and imparting a protective barrier  that doubles as a diaper cream to help safeguard against diaper rash.

Our French formula cleanses, protects and nourishes sensitive baby bottoms.

Our Minimalist Approach

Our commitment to “simpler, softer, safer” applies to everything we do. We simplify our packaging by using low-waste materials that are gentler on the planet. We opt out of outer packaging and fancy shippers, simplifying the unboxing experience and reducing environmental waste. We focus on the quality of our products to ensure a simple, soft and safe experience for your baby.  

European Quality

Our French Diaper Care formula is manufactured in France and follows the strict European Union guidelines for cosmetic products to ensure safety for your baby. Our tried & tested products are 3rd party verified and clinically tested to ensure the highest level of quality. You can rest assured your baby’s bottoms are in good hands. 
Did you know that The European Union (EU) has banned or restricted over 1,600 chemicals while the US has only outlawed approximately 11

Our Story

“After having my baby in France and seeing first hand the benefits of replacing baby wipes and creams with French Diaper Care, I knew I needed to share this French favorite with my fellow American mamas and mamas- to-be” 

—Isabelle Bertolami, Co-founder Propre Baby

  • Isabelle Bertolami, Co-Founder


    In 2016, during a holiday in France with Victoria, Isabelle fell in love with a Frenchman and relocated from NYC to  Paris. In 2019, she welcomed her beautiful French-American baby girl. It wasn't long before a nurse at the hospital scolded her in french for using “harsh” baby wipes on her day-old baby. After spending time in the maternity ward immersed with local moms and nurses, Isabelle acclimated to the world of French baby care. She quickly learned the approach to baby care in France is more holistic and gentle, whether it’s from post-birth recovery to using  the classic french diaper cream cleanser and oversized cotton pads for daily diaper changes. 

    You may recognize Isabelle from her popular Instagram and TikTok account where she shares her experience being an American mom in Paris.


  • Victoria Piluso, Co-Founder

    New York City

    Best friend of Isabelle. Victoria strives to live a lifestyle that is healthy, sustainable and eco-conscious. From a young age, Victoria has been passionate about clean products from the food we eat to the products we put on our skin. As she was expecting the birth of her first child, Isabelle highly recommended trying the French way for changing a diaper. Once hearing and experiencing how easy and efficient a diaper change can be, and no longer needing diaper cream, it was hard not to be curious. Ever since that moment, she ditched the baby wipes and never looked back!

    It was only a matter of time until they  joined forces and started Propre Baby to bring French babycare traditions to American families.